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The Need for Certification

The Regional Certification Scheme (RCS)'s credentials positively impacts:


  • a training courses and certification that is acknowledged in all ECOWAS countries;
  • an enhanced skills, reputation, credibility, and consumer confidence;
  • a regional platform, a mobility to other ECOWAS countries. The credentials provides the “passport” to national and regional sustainable energy project, recognition and professional competitive advantage and job market in the ECOWAS region;


  • an availability of competent and efficient workforce;
  • an increased cleantech investors confident for the regional market (better system performance and reduced risks);
  • increased public protection, credibility, and satisfied customers (efficient installations, less technical failures, lower operational costs).

The RCS is transparent, non-discriminatory program implemented with fair procedures and due process.

 NABCEP has built a transparent, non-discriminatory program implemented with fair procedures and due process.
Practice Exams:
Online practice exams are now available for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification Exam (Click Here). As an exam candidate, you now have the opportunity to become comfortable with the format of the exam. It also allows test-takers to become more comfortable with the timing of the exam and knowing how long to spend on a given question.
Benefits of certification exist for both Solar Professional and consumers:
For Solar Professionals:
Promotes consumer confidence and differentiates the certificate holder from competitors.
Validates extra resources spent on training and gaining experience.
Allows for installer mobility as the market moves from state to state.
For consumers:
Provides a means to identify qualified installers, promoting confidence in the work performed.
Preserves consumer choice, maintaining access to both certified and uncertified installers.
To start an application to become NABCEP Board Certified, click the button below.