Energy Experts discuss the preparatory stages of ROGEP

ECREEE - Dakar, Senegal - 14TH November 2018 - The Coordinator of the Private Sector Support Facility of ROGEP, Mr. Sire Diallo, has spoken of the importance of the project which aims to support the efforts of West Africa and Sahel countries to accelerate the deployment of standalone PV systems for households, public services and productive uses. In his presentation on the theme ‘Advancement on the preparation of ROGEP’ at the Second ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Forum, Mr. Diallo said the project aims to promote private sector investment with a market based approach in expanding off-grid electricity access.

Mr. Diallo’s discussion centered on the project’s current state of preparedness, the concepts developed for each components and sub-components of the project. He informed delegates that ROGEP was conceived to support the countries in the acceleration to achieve and exceed their targets benefitting from regional market. This he said would help to enhance shared capacity, institutions and knowledge in a bid to increase electricity access to households, businesses and communities using modern standalone solar technologies.

Mr. Diallo pointed out that ROGEP focuses on regional activities in nature. He disclosed that component 1 provides Support for the Acceleration of the Regional Market thus creating enabling Environment, as well as entrepreneurship Support, and risk Mitigation Facility.

Mr. Diallo also pointed out that one of the components is related to enable the environment for the regional market by focusing on key regional aspects and their interface with national dimension while another component scales-up the regional RE entrepreneurship facility, supporting local companies’ participation in the regional market through a combination of technical assistance and financial support.