ECOWAS Certified Energy Project Management Professional Program (ECOWAS-CEMP)


The ECOWAS Certified Energy Management Professional Program (ECOWAS-CEMP) is an in-depth professional certification program for energy managers tailored for the ECOWAS region. This ECOWAS-CEMP being introduced ECREEE (Assuming the role of the ECOWAS Certification Body for Sustainable Energy Skills) in cooperation with ECOWAS member countries for sustainable energy industrial, service and commercial establishments and practitioners interested in being recognised regionally and nationally as energy managers to register for the ECOWAS-CEMP program.

The ECOWAS-CEMP will assist organizations and program administrators in planning and implementing sustainable energy programs and measures in the ECOWAS region. Also, it aims at equipping entities and professionals with the latest technologies and the effective means with solutions to reduce energy consumption in a cost effective approach.

Besides, ECOWAS-CEMP will enable all participants with different educational backgrounds to create a commercially viable energy concept. This helps organization to directly apply what the participants learnt in the program and to use energy efficiently and save money.


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